Degoo International School

   Degoo International School…

Degoo International School is an imaginary school that me (bunnehz), and my BFFL/sister(pandahz), made up when I(as she is older than me) was just learning to speak. Since then, it has developed massively. Although we have created loads of new things, we still remember all the first ideas we had, and all the characters.

About Degoo…

There are Thousands of students in Degoo. Each and every one of them has there own special personality, and they live life quite like ours; they befriend new people every year, not only have friends, but enimies as too. Degoo student(instead of facebook/twitter) use a device called ‘Palm Page’. As you will find out later, there are different ‘Gangs’ in Degoo. The Gangs are not only groups of friends, but they each share dorms(the girls and boys have different dorms), and some of them are different things like bands etc.

Gangs & Students…

Earth -Butterfly, Lightning, Middle Vampy, Pearl, Atania, Ting, Crystal, Emerald, Little(Baby) Vampy, Red Young, Wave Rider, Sun Ray, Shadow, Max, Whack, Heart, Flower, Sunny.

4eva -Reknaa, Natlaa, Raven, Ink, Middle Vampy.

Pink Barbie Club -Lydia, Alexandra, Alexa, Fiona, Sarah-Belles.

Symbols – Dagger, Moon, White Fox, Jack Dooley.

Royal – Mega, Antique, Icicle, Joker, Candle, Risk.

Vampires -Hypno, Ziro, Alice, Tora, Chloe, Streak.

Cheerleaders – Butterfly, Bianca, Pearl, Atania, Tara, Kelly, Naoise.

Without Gangs – Thunder, Liam, Jak, Lucy, Dancer, Fatso, Fatsolina, Heart, Flower, Sunny.

Past Pupils – Big Vampy, Moonlight, Vampilina, Cheetah, Cheetie, Tiger, Dancer.

Outside Degoo – Greyfur, Dani White, Killian, Black-eye, Frankie Monster, Franky, Mia, Crystal Boy.

About Gangs…

Earth – Earth is not only a group, but it is also a band.

4eva – 4eva is a band, TV show and a talent show, as well as being a gang.

Pink Barbie Club – The Pink Barbie Club is a Gang and a Barbie fan Club.

History of Gangs…

Earth – …Empty for now…

Pink Barbie Club – …Empty for now…

4eva – …Empty for now…

Symbols – …Empty for now…

Royal – …Empty for now…

Vampires – …Empty for now…

History of Pupils…

Butterfly (Female)

When Butterfly was only a young child, her parents were killed in a house fire. Her brothers; Jack and Ben(who do not go to school at Deggo), survived, but Jack lost a leg, and Ben went missing for 3 years, but eventually turned up. After the accident, a ‘Wisher’ came and gave Butterfly the ability to turn into a Butterfly, any colour or size. A scientist adopted Butterfly, but not her brothers; as he was a buisy man, and took care of her. His name was Profrssor. Donnelly. Butterfly joined Degoo when she was eight, and has lived there ever since. Lightning is Butterfly’s boyfriend

Lightning Bolt Cloud (Male)

Lightning has two brothers. His younger ones name is Thunder, and his older one is called Dancer. He lived high above the clouds, in a world of storms. Then one day, there was a massive shower of bolts. After the storm, he was left behind. He took on the form of a human, so he could live there safely. But the city was destroyed, so he travelled to Degoo, where he was found by Middle Vampy; another student at Degoo. They soon became inseperable. Then he was introduced to Butterfly, a new girl, and they started going out. Lightning moved to Degoo when he was 6.

Middle Vampy Vampire (Male)

Middle Vampy is a vampire with two brothers and one sister. His eldest brother’s name is Big Vampy, his youngest brother’s name is Little(Baby) Vampy, and his sister’s name is Vampilina. He used to go school in ‘Vampiretia; an all vampire school, but moved out, as all the vampires were bloodthirsty. He know lives in Degoo, in the gang known as ‘Earth’. Vampy stayed in Earth for a while, but when a new gang; 4eva moved in, he joined that instead. After a while, Lightning(Vampy’s BFFL) started complaining that Earth wasn’t the same without him, so he moved back, although he is still really good friends with Reknaa(the leader of 4eva). His girlfriend’s name is Atania, she is also in Earth.

Lydia (Female)

Lydia is a stuck up girl who is crazy over barbie and basically lives like one. She has a reputation of inviting huge Ken dolls to discos(wierd!), stealing from her enemy group ‘Earth’, and having big mood-swings. She also has habits of sneaking into peoples houses and throwing parties there. She also enjoys pranking people to her delight(but not others). She doesn’t really have a proper boyfriend, but she flirts with all the guys. It is unknown how long Lydia has been lurking around Degoo… 😛

Big Vampy Vampire (Male)

Big Vampy is Middle Vampy and Little(Baby) Vampy’s older brother. Vampilina is his older sister, and is also a past pupil of Degoo. When he was around seven years old  when he drank a potion(the name is unknown), which made him more bloodthirsty. It also made his appearance darker; black hair, dark red eyes, paler skin(as all vampires have pale skin), and dark circles under his eyes. He moved to Degoo with his two brothers, Vampilina followed two years later. There he met Moonlight, who was the only person who could calm his need for blood. Moonlight soon became his girlfriend. Big Vampy works in ‘The Mansion’ for Black-eye, a scarred wolf, as the second in command. His partner is Greyfur, Black-eye’s eldest daughter.


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8 03 2012

VampYretia; its with a Y. 😉 lol I don’t actually mind! 😛 haha
And you just gotta write a paragraph on my character Greyfur… You gotta love a spunky wolf-cub!!! 🙂

8 04 2012

Ki-dokey, I don’t think I’ll be able to write on Greyfur soon now though . . sorry :3

31 07 2012
Tiny Bb

i thought I was ur BFFL!!!!!!


1 08 2012

You are definately one of them XD You, Sarokia and Aisha, but I didn’t know if you wanted to be mentioned on my site. I take it that you do, right? C: lawl

2 08 2012
Tiny Bb

i do

3 08 2012

Ok, can you describe me in 10 words please, Leah? :3

6 08 2012
Tiny Bb

not sure i understand u but for weird ish confusion im describing u
– fun, reliable, sometimes……….talented, kind, original, supportive, swaggy,
…………..side fringe?

6 08 2012

That’s only 7, not counting side fringe XD What d’you mean by wierd ish confusion? o:

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